My previous article about Waymo Open Dataset discussed how to set up and extract camera images and corresponding labels. This article is a follow-up that outlines how to extract and visualize LiDAR data. However, as the previous codebase underwent slight changes, I shall readdress setting up the environment again before extracting the data. You may consider this article to be updated documentation for the current version of the code.


You need access to Waymo Open Dataset Storage Bucket hosted on their Google Cloud Platform. You will need this to download independent files.

  1. Sign in with your Google credentials here

Neural networks have a crucial role to play in modern computer vision tasks, especially the tasks in the field of autonomous vehicles. This article is about utilizing Udacity’s Self Driving Car Simulator to train a neural network to clone the steering skills of a driver and allow the car to steer itself around a track in the simulator.

The code to support this article is available here.

Reader Level: Needs to have an amateur's level knowledge of programming in Python and neural networks. The article explains how to setup simulator and collect data.

Note: The objective of this article and…

An augmented reality based indoor navigation application.

This article describes the motivation behind the idea of HoloNav along with supporting articles hyperlinked. The code for this application is opensource and can be found here in this repo: HoloNav


As our indoor environments are getting complex, larger and thus difficult to navigate, e.g. airports, large warehouses, it becomes seemingly difficult to navigate these spaces in a limited time frame. HoloNav, an AR-based indoor navigation application utilizes onboard cameras and spatial sensors to perform spatial mapping and help an end-user navigate a dynamically registered floor with the help of progenerated 3D mesh…

Waymo released their Open Dataset in August 2019 followed by a Open Dataset Challenge in March for researchers like us in the field of autonomous vehicles, computer vision and graphics.

The data released is one of the largest, richest, and most diverse ones as opposed to prior ones as there are almost 1000 segments each consisting 20 seconds of continuous driving allowing for object recognition and detection in both 2D and 3D space. If you’d like to explore more about the dataset then follow this link for a brief overview and a detailed research publication can be found here.


fig. 0 Lane Detection on a road in Annamalai Forest, Tamil Nadu, India

The field of computer vision has a vital role in helping autonomous systems to visualize their surroundings, make inferences from pixel data and use these inferences to predict regression-based values that can be used to feed controllers that have the responsibility to guide and control the autonomous vehicle. This article explains the process involved in lane detection using absolute computer vision techniques and walks you through the steps to recognize the lane area, calculate the RoC of the road and estimate the distance from the center of the lane. The supporting source code can be found here: Advanced Lane Detection

Camera Calibration (

This article shall guide you in a step-by-step manner to help you set up your Unity environment to develop Unity based games and applications for HoloLens. Microsoft recommends Unity 2017.4.x along with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 if you are developing in HTK 2017.

Step 0

Photo by Aidan Hancock on Unsplash

A DIY guide to increase your hard disk space

The classic MacBook Air model which Steve Jobs released in 2011, was officially sold until 2018 when Apple replaced it with a refreshed MacBook Air. However, the older model is still available with many resellers both as new and refurbished. This article answers the question if SSD present in 2017 model can be upgraded to a larger capacity without hurting one’s pocket.

There are many replacement options and guides available on the internet, there are mainly three options to upgrade:

1. Buy a third-party SSD with Apple’s proprietary connector.

2. Buy a used original SSD from eBay or its equivalent.

On one side we fear AI taking over the world but lets not forget that an ideal coin has two sides. And this is just a small part of the other side. Allow me to explain.

The above picture is for representation purposes only, all credits go to the owner.

Imagine you have a 4 year old son, he goes missing, or maybe he lost his way or he was kidnapped by the bad guys. Next step, you don’t panic (ideally you would in 2017). You go to the police, your Google Photos app has plenty of your son’s photos with enough labeling done by Google to recognize his face, you share this particular…

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